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We are Promasch.

We employ technology and data to make the construction industry into a rewarding ecosystem where everyone is a winner.


We derive our expertise as a problem solver from our experience of being the end-user.

We are a part of the Construction industry, and we were contractors and material suppliers ourselves. We know why our industry keeps itself away from the current information revolution despite being one of the significant contributors to the economy and millions of families across the world. We understand the apprehensions of digitisation, and we know how to get past this. Our ecosystem is designed to digitise and make digitisation effective. We believe the gap between mediocrity and excellence lies in details. The information we offer makes even the minutest detail clearly visible, effortlessly understandable and more importantly, immediately useful.

What sets us apart

We create something that follows a function and not a fad.

We don't digitise for the sake of just digitising. We believe digitisation is more than just a tool, it is a way of doing better business and not just a fad.

We create a world where everyone's a winner.

Our vision is to make the construction industry into an ever-thriving ecosystem where every stakeholder accesses the correct information, contributes expertise and reaps dividends. So, every product is designed to serve the interests of every stakeholder.

We create a world where information doesn't overwhelm

The main problem we solve is the degree of complexity that plagues the construction industry. Unprocessed and disconnected data will only add to the complexity. Thus, instead of supplying raw data, we give access to actionable information derived out of well-processed and effectively presented data. We replace Complexity with Clarity.

We create a world, where we don't sacrifice short-term wins for long term wins and where no one is dragged out of the comfort zone for the greater good.

Though we offer a paradigm shift, we don't want our partners to lose in the short term or go through transitional pain. Instead, we take up the pain ourselves go the extra mile to make sure that no one loses -neither their time nor their money nor comfort in their digitisation process.


The building blocks of our vision

Rohan Seth CEO & Co Founder


Sanchit Jain CTO & Co Founder


Siddhartha Bisht Chief Client Success Officer


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You are one step away from enjoying the benefits of Promasch's thriving ecosystem.

By submitting your information, you are consenting to let Promasch maintain the data you provide and to contact you via phone or email.


We are searching for people who are passionate about their work and value our culture of transparency to join our team.